The Airstyle Strictly Hooked DVD – Toby Braeuer in an interview with Nordsee Kiteboarding

The Airstyle Strictly Hooked DVD – Toby Braeuer in an interview with Nordsee Kiteboarding 2016-12-16T20:01:36+00:00

Airstyle Strictly Hooked DVD - Toby Braeuer ©Fabian Hülsen


41-year old Toby Braeuer, born in Hamburg, with chosen-home in Brazil, speaks with the Nordsee Kiteboarding Magazine about his AIRSTYLE STRICTLY HOOKED DVD and his future plans.

NOKB: Hello Toby, today your Airstyle DVD has been released. What can we look forward to?. What can we look forward to?

Toby Braeuer: It is a clompletework with 666 tricks on two DVD’s. I have many sections of tricks for example One Foots, Klick Flips and Slides. Every section is divided in different degrees of dificulty. So everyone can find tricks, let them inspire themselves and imitate it. Then every section has an action and an explaining trailer, where I speak about the most important information of the trick section. Then I also explain what is most important for jumping, how to land and how to avoid injuries. The most important topic is safety.

Airstyle Strictly Hooked DVD - Toby Braeuer ©Fabian HülsenNOKB: What does Airstyle make out for you?

Toby Braeuer: To me, Airstyle is hooked up tricks, it doesn’t matter either for over the ocean or directly on it.

NOKB: What was your motivation to produce this film?

Toby Braeuer: The reason for this DVD was the feedback from all the people, that talked to me after the Kitesession or people who wrote something to me in the internet about how they like what I do. Without all these people there would be no DVD. I wouldn’t even try it to organize world cups. I would just go to the beach and have no stress.

NOKB: How long did it take to get the film ready?

Toby Braeuer: The work for the film began here in Brazil in October 2011. We thought it would only take 10-12 days but we were wrong. We had never thought that it would be such a long project.

NOKB: In which countries did you film and why did it take so long?

Toby Braeuer: We didn’t travel around much and we have filmed a lot in Cumbuco. In between we were on the Philippines for six weeks, but we only had three weeks of good weather conditions. In the other weeks we had to travel and look for the wind or we had bad weather and to much wind  and couldn’t film. Then we tried it in Egypt but the weather there was not as good as we had hoped. We filmed in Brasil for another 50 days.

NOKB: What was your best adventure during filming?

Toby Braeuer: The best adventure for me was, when I had the ideas for tricks and I finally learned to do them. But the way there is also the worst experience because it is very frustrating, when you have to do a trick very good, and then something does not work with the camera. That is Murphy´s Law. Murphy has become our permanent companion and unfortunately we experienced it quite often that a perfect trick couldn’t be accepted because something went wrong.

Airstyle Strictly Hooked DVD - Toby Braeuer ©Fabian HülsenNOKB: How do you sell the DVD?

Toby Braeuer: I will try to sell the DVD to as many people as possible, over and I will try to sell the DVD to shops world wide and also to work together with Amazon or other companies. In a second step I will try to offer it to download it for example at iTunes

NOKB: Toby, some questions about you. You are living in Brazil for ages, why there?

Toby Braeuer: A friend of mine, that I have met in Egypt, moved to Cumbuco (Brazil). He told me that there was the wind the whole year. In November 2004 I have spent one month in Brazil, here in Cumbuco, and I have had wind every day. For me that was one hundred percent, and that is a paradise with the best opportunities.
One year later I have been there a second time and it was wonderful and perfect again. After this stay I had to think about Brazil, why shouldn’t I stay longer? It was still cheap, so in 2006 I bought a small house, that I could just afford and since then I live in Brazil about six month in every year. Unfortunately a longer stay is not possible because of the visa, but it is okay. The other part of the year I spent in Germany or somewhere else travelling around the world. It depends where the wind takes me to.

Airstyle Strictly Hooked DVD - Toby Braeuer ©Fabian HülsenNOKB: What is so special in Brazil?

Toby Braeuer: In Brazil I prefer that you kite only in shorts. The weather is warm, the temperature is perfect and there is nothing in the water you have to be afraid of. And there are quite a lot mouth of the rivers and lagoons with smooth water. Another point is the people because they are really pleasant. You can say: „It’s a beautiful country!“

NOKB: And why just Cumbuco?

Toby Braeuer: Cumbuco is so interesting because here I have a big network of friends from all over the world. All the „Kitefreaks“ meet there and have a great time together. Cumbuco offers me that perfect wind, which I need. That’s the reason, why Cumbuco is the perfect place.

NOKB: How can you afford this kind of lifestyle?

Toby Braeuer: I finance my living with my kiteboarding websites and because there is advertising. I don’t have other revenues.

NOKB: Please describe a typical Toby Braeuer day in Brazil from getting up until going to bed.

Toby Braeuer: After I get up, I work at the computer and check my emails and control the newest contents on and If there is nothing else to do, I go to the beach for kiteboarding. Either along the beach to the Cauipe Lagoon or directly in the ocean in Cumbuco. In the afternoon i go back to the computer where i have to work. After all the work I go to eat something and maybe to the bar to play table soccer. Then I go outside with the dogs and before I go to bed I make a last online-check.

NOKB: How do you yourself fit and do you pay attention to your nutrition?

Toby Braeuer: I stay fit through the kiting. Actually I don’t do a different sport. I don’t go jogging or to the gym. Kiting is training enough for me. It’s like a gym in the water and it is fun. I go kiting very often, I don’t need anything else. About my nutrition, I don’t really care. If I’m hungry, I eat something and sometimes also sweets. I love pizza, good meat and pasta.

Airstyle Strictly Hooked DVD - Toby Braeuer ©Fabian HülsenNOKB: Is there something that you miss in Brazil or are you homesick sometimes?

Toby Braeuer: I’m never homesick, especially not in the wintertime. I don’t like winter and coldness. But the summer in Germany is quite nice. Hamburg is a wonderful city, I like being there. I don’t miss anything. Maybe a good black bread and good piece of Salami, but that’s it.

NOKB: How do you compare the Kitespots in the North Sea and the spots in Brazil?

Toby Braeuer: The important facts are the wind and the warmth. But the North Sea has the same good spots from the water. Only in Cumbuco I know, I fly with my 18er or if there is more wind, I take the 16er, nothing else is a question for me. The wind blows every day. You have the best options there. The beach is long, so everyone has enough space. The lagoon can sometimes be a little crowded, but a good kiter has no problems with that. And you can move more flexible when you are only wearing shorts. When I wear a Neo, it gives me more problems to do tricks, especially by the Boardoffs and Boardons.

Airstyle Strictly Hooked DVD - Toby Braeuer ©Fabian HülsenNOKB: Kiteboarding is getting more popular at the North Sea, you just have to count the kites on the water. What do you think about the development, particularly against the background that some people would like to remove some kitespots?

Toby Braeuer: One has to establish areas where we kite surfers won’t be disturbed. And every kite surfer must respect the swimming district, it’s inscrutable why many of them don’t do it. There should be possibilities to banish troublemakers so that the spots will be preserved. I think the kite surfers should manage it among themselves. But for that you need courage and authority. Nobody likes to play the police. But it should be everybody’s interest. Nature protection is a good thing. I only can’t understand how a kite surfer destroys nature. Aren’t the wind parks on Fehmarn worse for the nature or rather the birds?

NOKB: What do you think about local online Kiteboarding Magazines like „Nordsee Kiteboarding“?

Toby Braeuer: Local Magazines, it doesn’t matter whether online, print or in forums, they are quite important for sport on site. Local problems and interests could be solved and discussed. It is a win-win situation for all of those who take part of it.

Airstyle Strictly Hooked DVD - Toby Braeuer ©Fabian HülsenNOKB: How do you think about your future?

Toby Braeuer: About my future the first thing is, to be in the healthy position at Kiting Otherwise I try to travel a lot, Brazil is a nice place, I would like to stay there a few months per year. I hope that I stay healthy like now.

NOKB: And what about your sport future?

Toby Braeuer: I imagine to develop the Airstyle. I want to create new tricks even though I’m at the end of tricks. Maybe there will be 10 to 20 new tricks. In the future I want to try to work together with a company. Also with some Kiteboarding events I want to get people to pay attention to Kiteboarding. For example to build up young people. I am doing this because I want to be helpful when it comes to Kiteboarding so that everyone finds there direction.

NOKB: Thank you for this interview Toby. I wish you all the best for the future.